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Traditional Robin Bag Large

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Spread a little festive cheer this Christmas with our wonderful Traditional Robin Gift Bag.

Even better, all profits from the sale of our Christmas wrap and bags helps to fund our vital work with the UK’s most vulnerable children, young people and families.

Standard delivery charge to most UK postcodes is £2.99, with free delivery for orders over £50.

Your order will arrive within 3-5 working days. Unless otherwise stated on the product page.

Please note that larger items, including most furniture, may take slightly longer – you will be contacted by a specialist 2-man delivery service to arrange a convenient time and day.

Children Like Ellie Need Your Help Now

There are times when our kitchen cupboards are bare”

Can you imagine not being able to afford a bus fare? It seems like the smallest of amounts, but for families like *Emily's who are battling the high cost of living, every pound matters.


My name is Kirsty and I’m a project worker with Barnardo’s Young Carers Service. We support children with caring responsibilities across the UK.


I’m writing to ask for your urgent help as I introduce you to a very special young person.


Emily is a young carer who looks after her mum, who’s had epilepsy for as long as she can remember. They’re a truly lovely family, but the past three years have hit them hard.


Our service started working with 13-year-old Emily in 2020, when she was referred to Barnardo’s by her school. The pandemic was an incredibly distressing and traumatic time for many of the families that we support, and particularly for Emily, who was also struggling to deal with the severity of her mum’s epileptic seizures.


“When my mum was having a seizure, I didn’t know what to do which was really frightening”, explains Emily. “It’s a big responsibility to look after my mum, and one of the first things Barnardo’s was able to do was give me first aid training. Now I know how to make an emergency plan when my mum has a serious seizure and I have to call 999.


When young carers like Emily are referred to Barnardo’s, they’re often at the point where they are really struggling to care for their loved ones and need immediate practical help and knowledge, as well as emotional support.  

First aid training is one of the many practical ways Barnardo’s has supported Emily, but we have also helped her and her mum access our Cost-of-Living Fund. The fund provides emergency help to families supported by our UK-wide services who can no longer afford the basics due to the intense financial pressures they are facing.


Last winter was a really tough one for Emily and her mum. They told me how their pre-payment electric meter would “burn” through credit to the point when even £30 wouldn’t be enough to last until next morning. When Emily's mum wasn’t able to put any more money on the meter, they both resorted to wearing lots of blankets and coats, but as Emily says, these don’t always keep you warm, and if it wasn’t for Barnardo’s, we wouldn’t have been able to keep the heating on at all.”


Because of her epilepsy, Emily's mum is unable to work. Along with support for their energy bills, we have also been able to provide her mum with supermarket vouchers and help the family move from their old house into a smaller flat, which Emily describes as “much better because it gets warm quicker”. The flat is also more affordable in terms of bills.


As a project worker for Barnardo’s, I’m so proud of Emily. She has shown incredible resilience and courage over the past three years, and she illustrates the positive difference your support can make to the lives of children who are battling immense challenges. Emily hopes to go to university in the future and run her own hairdressing business. This is one of her passions, as she enjoys cutting her friends hair, and we hope we can support Emily in turning her dream into a reality. 


For the final section of this letter, I’ll leave you with the words of Emily.


“There are times when our kitchen cupboards are bare, and my mum has to ask my older sister for food. My mum doesn’t like to do this; no mum would, but I know my mum is a really good parent; it’s just hard for her and other families in a similar situation. That’s why Barnardo’s is such an important charity. It helps families when they need it most.


“Recently, my mum’s benefits payment was delayed, which meant she couldn’t afford for me to go on a day trip during the school holidays. The bus fare was £2.20, which is less than what some people pay for a coffee, but when you’re struggling to make ends meet, saving every penny is important. If it hadn’t been for Barnardo’s, I wouldn’t have been able to go on the trip.


“Thanks to Barnardo’s, I’ve been able to stay warm and fed and also take part in fun activities such as paddleboarding, which has helped develop my confidence. I think it’s important for people to know that every donation, no matter how small, can make a life-changing difference for children and families. Anything you can give to the charity would be hugely appreciated.

Thank you! 

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